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Blog Archive: May 2003
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May 31, 2003 - CN12 owns MCB130
-7:01 pm: The last of the Spring 2003 semester grades have finally been posted on BearFacts, and much to my surprise, I actually got an A+ in MCB130!!! Freakin' big surprise considering the final was some pretty weird shit and that i didn't do so hot on the first midterm. With that my A+ streak remains intact... I've gotten at least one A+ every semester here at Cal. Other than that, nothing else exciting going on here... Been watching a lot of TV, including the Stanley Cup Finals right now (it's game 3 at second intermission) and the National Spelling Bee. These crazy 13 year olds know how to spell shit I've never heard of... actually I knew how to spell platyhelminth, only 'cause I learned it back in good ol'  Bio1A.
-OK, technically CSS still owns me... this stupid tranparency shit doesn't work on Mozilla-based browsers. I put in the freakin -moz-opacity thingy.. but it doesn't f***in' work. So if you use Mozilla or Netscape... 1) screw you... 2) you can't see the Devils Tower. Yay... hockey game resuming... i'm off for now.

May 29, 2003 - CSS owns me and Media Censorship
-3:46 pm: La de da... putting on the finishing touches took forever. I took me about 4 hours to figure out how to properly use CSS to achieve the transparency-look of the cell backgrounds... I suppose that at least i wasn't bored during those 4 hours trying to work CSS, just simply frustrated. In other news, research stuff has been postponed from tomorrow to Monday. Yay... more consecutive days of boredom. I really wish that Nintendo was really some awesome game sometime soon so i could at least play something new, but alas no luck... nothing 'til at least November... NOVEMBER!? dangit
-Media censorship: Today CNN revealed that U.S. commanders in the early stages of the Iraq War actually came fairly close to being killed by an Iraqi SCUD. A Patriot missile shot down the SCUD before it could hit the U.S. command base. CNN agreed to withold information about the near catastrophe until the major fighting was over (and even then the major fighting was over quite a long time ago).  This makes you really wonder what else has been hidden from us, and what will never be revealed. What ever happened to Freedom of the Press? A little Latin: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (in war the laws will be silent). Silence to our Constitution!
-10:30 am: Putting the finishing touches on this new format for my homepage. I think it looks a lot better... but we'll see what people say.

May 28, 2003 - Massive Webpage Overhaul
-I began to hate the way my webpage was set up, so i decided to completely overhaul the design. Now my lovely blog will appear on the main page along with some of the useless info that the old page used to have. Begin abuse of tables!!

-Yesterday I spent maybe an hour in the morning shooting hoops (and sucking at it) at the RSF, after which I returned to the apartment contemplating what the heck to do... TV was the answer for most of the time, outside of preparing food to eat. One notable highlight was the Mavs' comeback victory over the Spurs. Dallas was down by 17 late in the third only to come back brilliantly in the fourth to win by 13. If it only causes a delay in the Spurs' series victory oh well...
-Today the boredom simply continues... I woke up to the sounds of hammers pounding away at the outer wall of the apartment building. Apparently the south wall of the building was poorly constructed and leaked rainwater during last winter's storms. Management decided the best thing to do was to repair the wall by demolishing the outer stucco and replacing it. This is supposed to be on-going until August 20th. Yay... something exciting i guess... After waking up, the TV went on almost instantly and, after much channel-surfing, it came to rest on PBS. So I spent an hour watching about how to properly punctuate English sentences, which, oddly enough, is something that I never learned in high school. Another interesting tidbit about my deficient (at least in English) high school education is that I never had formal teaching in English grammar until 12th grade. Yes, twelfth grade, in AP English Literature no less. Ah... and so after an hour of the show I now know: that there is a difference between and dash and a hyphen, that periods and commas always come before ending quotation marks, that colons and semicolons always come after ending quotation marks, and that question marks and exclamation points can be before or after the ending quotation marks depending on context. How useful will this knowledge be to me in the future? I'll probably forget by tomorrow.
-Today President Bush signed a $300 billion tax cut with the hopes that it will be able to stimulate the economy. DREAM ON... Heck, President Reagan demonstrated that tax cutting to stimulate the economy simply doesn't work. All this tax cut will do will be to increase the ever increasing budget deficit. Democrats aren't putting up much of a fight and next year's election looks like a rout for Bush and the Republicans.

May 25, 2003  COE Graduation and Journey to OAK
-BORING!!!!!!!! Waiting to start research has been pretty painful. I've been pretty desparate to do anything outside of watching TV in my apartment. Yesterday was pretty cool, as I watched the College of Engineering's Class of 2003 graduate. The whole time I was thinking, hmmmm this will be me in a year, how scary!!!... After the ceremony I helped pour champaigne and sparkling apple cider at the Department of Bioengineering reception, only to return home to yet more boredom. Today I accompanied my roommate to the airport. Unfortunately it only killed two hours, although I managed to have a rather interesting conversation with an 82 year-old man on the way back to Berkeley. After I got home ate some lunch and thenI watched 3 hours worth of Food Network watching the same cook cook 6 different things. Now I await dinner, wondering how boring Memorial Day will be.

May 19, 2003 Restarting the Blog
-Wow... so I've gone over 3 months* without writing anything in this poor excuse for a blog. In any case, this is being updated only because I'm freaking bored now. My last final (a bitch of a test I must say) was today, while everyone else seems to be just starting, I'm done. I will not be going home for the summer, because I will be training in a cell biology lab!
So what has happened in the past 3 months? Obviously a lot... Unfortunately it's so much that I couldn't possibly write it all down... oh well...

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