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Carnitrobongen12’s Trivia

This is some trivia about the random knowledge I’ve come to know over the years… See how well you can do…


Geography:       What is the largest island off of the Pacific coast of North America?

What is the fourth largest U.S. state in area?

Which California city without a Spanish name has the most people?

Chemistry:        What element used to be called natrium?

What is the mass of 1 mole of hydrogen gas?

14C decays into 14N through ____ decay.

Philosophy:       Who wrote the Phaedo, Meno, Crito, and Republic?

What was used to kill Socrates?

Who believed that the “forms” were the most fundamental things?

Biology:            Ichthyology is the study of ____.

The deficiency of the hormone _______ is a common cause of diabetes.

What are the three main taxonomic domains?

Physics:            The equations that govern all of classical electricity and magnetism are known as _______’s Equations.

The equation F = ma is the mathematical form of ______’s ___ ___.

Being unable to know both the position and momentum of an electron at a given instant in time is known as the __________ ___________ Principle.

Math:               A function that can be written as a series of sines and cosines has a _______ series expansion.

What is the value of  [cos(2.6π)]2 + 4[sin(1.3π)cos(1.3π)]2 ?

What is the largest decimal number that can be represented by a 6 digit binary number?

English:             Consider the following sentence: I gave four quarters to a boy. What is the article of the indirect object?

What is the direct object of the sentence?

What is the infinitive form of the verb used in the sentence?

History:            In what year did the War of 1812 end?

The United Nations replaced the ______ of ________ after World War II.

What infamous World War II event took place on December 7, 1941?

Government:     Which amendment prohibits “cruel and unusual” punishment?

What is the minimum number of electoral votes that a state can have?

How many electoral votes is Washington D.C. entitled to?

Economics:       What kind of market does Russia have?

How many companies comprise the Dow Jones index?

Alan Greenspan is the current Chairman of the _______ _______ Board.

Geology:           Gneiss is what kind of rock?

Volcanoes frequently occur near __________ zones, areas where a tectonic plate is sinking below another.

What is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust?

Astronomy:       What color are the hottest stars?

The Galilean moons are __, ______, ________, and ________. ________ is the largest.

Which planet in our solar system is most close in mass to the earth?

University:        In what year was the University of California founded?

The oldest standing building on the Berkeley Campus is _____ Hall.

Interests:           Herpetology is the study of ________ and __________.

Chlorine radicals destroy the _____ layer through a _______ _____ reaction.

Hobbies:           Rainbow trout are native to __________.

What are the units of fishing line test strength?

TV:                  What starship class is a) Voyager b) Defiant and c) Enterprise-D?

The Founders, Vorta and Jem’ Hadar are the three main species of what galactic power?

Movies:            Forrest Gump’s home state is _______.

Zephram Cochran invented ____ _____, the main power source of Star Trek ships.

Actor:               Tom Hanks won his first Oscar for the movie ___________.

Actresses:         Seven of Nine’s human name is ______ ______.

Food:               Translated literally, ______ means “burnt bird.”

_____, made from horseradish, is a spicy condiment for sushi.

Sports:             A standard basketball court is __ feet wide by __ feet long.

The free throw line is __ feet from the basket.

NBA Team:      How many championships have the Lakers franchise won?

How many of them were won while the franchise was in Minneapolis?

NBA Players:   Vince Carter was drafted out of what university?

                        The city of Toronto is located in what Canadian province?

Colors:             For what reason is blue a color of the University of California?

The gold nugget found at _____’s ____ started California’s Gold Rush.

Annoyances:     The California State Assembly in Sacramento has how many assemblymembers?

How many senators are there in the California State Senate?

U.S. States:      The Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, hails from which state?

The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, is from which state?

National Parks: At 282 feet below sea level, Badwater, located in _____ _____ National Park, is the lowest point in North America.

What Native American tribe built the cliff dwellings found in Mesa Verde National Park?

National Monuments: The Devils Postpile is made primarily of ______, a volcanic rock.

True/False: Death Valley was a National Monument before a National Park.

Japan:               The four main islands of Japan are: ______, _______, ______, and ________.

What is Japan’s second largest city?