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Welcome To Carnitrobongen12's Homepage
June 2003 Background: Devils Tower, Devils Tower National Monument, WY, U.S.**
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Welcome To My Homepage/Blog!

By the way... screw you if you don't like the picture...

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Various Classical
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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Current Class Schedule
 Summer 2003

Name: Peter M.
AIM SN: carnitrobongen12
Location: Berkeley, CA
DOB: 4/26/1982
Small Bio:
Born in Los Angeles, CA. Raised in Glendale, CA, attended Hoover High School. Currently studying bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Enjoys fishing, basketball, and playing Nintendo GameCube. Once an extremely shy person, is getting better about making new friends and meeting new people. A well- traveled individual who has been to 13 states, 18 national parks and 13 national monuments. Hopes to eventually visit the remaining 37 states. Also hopes to pursue a graduate degree in bioengineering once study at Berkeley is complete.

TV Show: The Simpsons
Movie: Forrest Gump
Actor: Tom Hanks
Actress: Jeri Ryan
Anime Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Food Type: Japanese
Sport: Basketball
NBA Team: LA Lakers
NBA Players: Derek Fisher
Vince Carter
NBA Team to Hate: Sacramento Kings
Colors: Cal blue and gold

Fall 2001 Class Schedule
Spring 2002 Class Schedule
Summer 2002 Class Schedule
Fall 2002 Class Schedule
Spring 2003 Class Schedule
Summer 2003 Class Schedule
Fall 2003 Class Schedule
Transcipt (my only way to show off)
UC Berkeley
Go Bears!
California Golden Bears

BigC.mp3 (a Cal fight song)