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July 10 - Pineapple juice, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, and luau
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-Breakfast the first two days was somewhat disappointing, so Brian and I went out to try one of the many $2.99 specials. We eventually decided on the Food Galaxy Restaurant, 5 or 6 blocks down Kuhio Ave. The restaurant did have the specials, but instead opted for the Hawaiian Portuguese sausage omelet and two cups of pineapple juice. That stuff was really good, particularly the spicy sausage and the fresh squeezed juice. After breakfast, we weren't sure what everyone else was doing, so we decided to go to the swap meet that Jaysin had told us about the night before.
-we boarded TheBus #43 toward Pearl Harbor/Stadium. The ride was a pretty long one... passed by several wharfs, a shopping mall (Ala Moana Center), Iolani Palace, a corrections facility, Chinatown, Honolulu Int'l Airport, and Pearl Harbor. After about 40 minutes or so on the bus, we got off near Salt Lake Blvd, right next to the entrance to the Aloha Stadium parking lot. The swap meet costed 50 cents admission, and wow once you got in, there were so many merchants. The swap meet goes around the entire stadium, with many products for sale. Posters, glassware, jewelry, food, produce, clothes, and just about anything you can think of. I spent around $80 on random stuff, mostly gifts for people back on the mainland, but of course some for myself. In fact the most expensive thing i bought were two posters for $30!!!
swap meet
-more boothes and crap than you can imagine....
-all in all the swap meet was fun, although it was quite hot and there was a brief rainshower. We left the swap meet around 2 pm, and caught a bus back to the Ala Moana Center. After a 20 minute wait at Ala Moana, took another bus back to the Waikiki area, and got back there at about 3:30 pm.
-Brian and I both took showers and went over to the Waikiki Gateway for luau attempt #2. Andrew successfully rescheduled us for saturday. We got the same crazy escort, Jaysin, but weren't subjected to much of the same joking and hyping as friday. Apparently there were some logistical things that he had to take care of. So the ride there wasn't as enjoyable, but then again the luau actually happened this time! So what was it? a big ass party pretty much, complete with food, alcohol and show. Pretty fun on most accounts, in particular the show was pretty good. We got a bunch of dancing and performances from around the Pacific including Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori. My favorite was the guy with the double sided torch. Initially only one side was lit.. and he used his mouth to transfer fire from one end to the other. Crazy.....
-All the food hyping i think led to the food being somewhat disappointing. I think ppl were generally happy and satisfied because of the alcohol. Except for many Brian, who downed 6 shots of tequila and then complained of double vision. Hahaha oh well. The following seven pictures only partially capture the fun!
-Aloha to Germaine's Luau, the initial greetinginteractive
-the audience was given ample opportunity to interact and participatehalf the group
-Pete, Kathy, Menzies and Jen enjoy the food and drinkslots of people
-i think there were around 300 people there
more interaction
-more audience participation
tahitian style
-Tahitian styled performace
Andrew and Menzies
-Menzies and Andrew (in the center of the shot) show off their stuff
-the pictures don't really do the amount of fun justice. A luau is definitely one of those things you have to do when in Hawaii. Germaine's Luau was pretty good, although i'm curious to compare what the other commerical ones are like as well. Anyway it was all over at 10 pm, and we had a much funner bus ride back to Waikiki, complete with Jaysin's (corny) jokes. Anyway, that was the last time the group of 8 would be hanging out together, as we all booked different things for sunday and monday. But overall, a very fun experience that was one the big highlights of the trip. GOTO JULY 11

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